About Knowledge Preschool

Knowledge Preschool opened its doors in February 2007. We are a home-based preschool located in the heart of Santa Clara. We are off Agnew Road, in between Lafayette and Mission College Boulevard. We are very close to Great America Parkway, and also Rivermark from the opposite end.

We are open from 8:00am till 6:00 pm, all-year-round, with National Holidays being observed. During drop-off, each parent/guardian is asked to bring the child in and sign the child in in our Sign-In binder. During pick-up, we ask the parent/guardian to come back in and sign the child out. This is for security purposes. A valid ID will be required for non-parents/non-guardians to pick up the child, as well as a written authorization to allow us to release the child. This is for your child’s safety and our written records.

We provide 2 nutritious snacks per day for each child, and ask that lunch be provided. These snacks can range from fresh fruits, crackers, cereal, to yogurt. We are also very cautious about food allergies, so please tell us in advance if your child does have any allergies.

We pride ourselves on our:

  • Quiet neighborhood
  • Outdoor play area
  • Warm, intimate, homelike atmosphere
  • Small class sizes
  • Loving interaction between staff and children
  • Close school-parent relationship

Please look at our daily schedule to get an idea of our typical activities

We at Knowledge Preschool are:

  • Excited about education. We want to academically challenge our students, in a stress free, fun environment.
  • Eager to recognize each child as a unique individual, ready to learn, discover, be happy, and successful
  • Oriented to give each child a love of learning that will last throughout life.
  • Dedicated to providing a natural extension of the loving, supportive home environment. We believe that children thrive best when school and home work as a team.