Park Interpreter Jan Visits Us Again!

Park Interpreter Jan from Santa Clara County Department of Parks and Recreation came to visit us again. She taught us about more local animals and taught us about some of their homes!

Here we are learning that scaring this turtle will make him hide! We stayed really quiet to meet him. He was pretty shy.


Park Interpreter Jan came around to show us pictures of a few birds we have in our local area. She even brought in a nest that was found in one of our parks! We had to be really gentle since the nest is really fragile.


We also learned about how big a lizard’s mouth can open so we all copied Park Interpreter Jan and made large jaws with our hands! Park Interpreter Jan also read us a wonderful book called The Salamander Room by Anne Mazer.

JanAugust5The Salamander Room

We had a great time! Thank you for coming to visit us Park Interpreter Jan!



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